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About Us

Tapas & Beers was set up in 2015 by a young and passionate team of travellers, who wanted to add another dimension to the tours scene in Barcelona. We are not travel snobs. We know that when you visit a city you want to see the best works by Gaudi, the legendary Las Ramblas (although we’re sorry to say it’s quite hellish these days…) and maybe even enjoy a chilled glass of sangria on Barceloneta beach overlooking the Mediterranean. But we also know, from how we ourselves travel, that for many travellers this is not enough. From our own wanderings we know that the best experiences we have when exploring a foreign place is when we go deeper, getting under the skin of the city and in some way “living” the destination… not just looking at it and leaving it. If traditional city tours are about being seeing the famous attractions, at Tapas & Beers our vision was to offer travellers a different way of getting to know Barcelona: through experiencing the city’s amazing food, drink and nightlife, all in the company of a local expert who really knows their stuff. We are not going to tell you our way is the only way, the best way, or even the most authentic way of seeing a new city… every tourist experience is valid. However we do believe a Tapas & Beers experience is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of exploring Barcelona, and that you’ll leave with a genuine insight into how Catalans eat, drink, socialise and party… in other words how they live! We have put a lot of love into this project in the sincere hope that when you take a tour with us it will be the highlight of your trip – and that will always be our goal. Yours faithfully, Duncan Founder of

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Email: Telephone: +34 93 412 1597

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Tapas & Beers Local Travel Solutions S.L. Carrer de Montsio 10 Barcelona 08002 Spain We are a registered operator with the Registre de Turisme de Catalunya.